About Phoebe

I’m an American with Vietnamese heritage, I love to cook, hate to clean, and I’m a comic artist, among other things. Some of my other interests include writing, movies, video games and world cultures.

I live in Louisiana, home of some of the most fantastic food this side of the pacific, and despite living in the ghetto (no, seriously, it’s the ghetto) and tending towards withdrawal from the outside world, I’m actually far happier with my life than my cartoon-self lets on.

Despite being a major disappointment to my mother, I am set on living my life the way I choose. I’m not married, have no intention of ever being married, and I don’t even care that my family thinks I’m a lesbian. When they’re all old and grey, I’m sure they’ll be glad someone in the family has the free time to whip up some dinner for them every day and clean house for them and do the shopping.

For various reasons, I do all of my internetting under a pseudonym, mostly because I don’t feel like being disowned for my outspoken nature. Nobody wants their daughter talking smack about them on the internet, but I have to express myself. It keeps me sane, or what passes for sane these days.


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